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Our goal in this programme is the recognition and protection of the labour rights of vulnerable and marginalised women workers, in particular the rights of farm workers, domestic workers, migrant workers and sex workers. Despite South Africa’s rights‐based labour legislation, women continue to face barriers to accessing employment, and to securing decent working conditions.

Our sex work project remains a critical service to a portion of society that is extremely ostracised. A legal framework that criminalises sex work greatly increases the vulnerability of sex workers to violence and reduces the likelihood that violence will be reported. Very few perpetrators are ever brought to justice. Even under the current imperfect law where sex work is criminalised, there is a stark contradiction between the actions of the police and due process set out by the law, which police are mandated to follow.

This programme thus aims to advance, protect and promote the rights of vulnerable women workers who face unfair barriers in their work, not only with regards to sex workers, but women in all areas of work.


The development of the law to ensure that vulnerable workers’ human rights are recognised, protected, promoted, and fulfilled. 


Holding the state and private bodies accountable for violating vulnerable workers’ human rights.


Engaging with national, regional, and international structures to promote the interest of vulnerable groups and to ensure compliance with human rights standards. 


Collaborating and partnering with strategic and relevant organisations to promote the interests of vulnerable groups.