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Although the right to health care is amongst the fundamental human rights enshrined in the Constitution, many women struggle to access this right, and, more specifically, their right to make decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health. In South Africa, women are more likely to rely on the state health care system to access services. Within this context, stigma and discrimination in health care settings continue to disrupt women’s ability to access reproductive health care, and maternal health care.

As it stands now, there are few accountability mechanisms within the state health care system. Accessing health care can be a complex and confusing task for many women. This impacts on women’s ability to make informed and autonomous decisions about their health care. Key concerns include limited access to termination of pregnancy services, illegal terminations of pregnancy, forced sterilisation, maternal mortality, the prevalence of obstetric violence in state clinics and hospitals, and the global push back against women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights through the implementation of the Global Gag Rule. This program thus aims to promote the rights of women to make informed autonomous decisions about their sexual and reproductive health, as well hold the state and other parties accountable for the proper implementation of these rights.


To ensure women have access to information and services to make informed decisions in relation to their sexual and reproductive health and rights. 


To hold the state and private entities accountable for the implementation of sexual and reproductive health rights.


To challenge all discriminatory laws, policies, and practices, which interfere with women’s rights to autonomous decision-making around issues of sexuality and reproduction. 


To engage with strategic partners to promote and create awareness of women’s right to make autonomous decisions in relation to SRHR.