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Important Cases

  • Bhe and Others v Khayelitsha Magistrate and Others:

    helped eliminate the discrimination of black women in accordance to the inheritance rights of men and women.

  • Daniels v Campbell N.O and Others:

    resulted in the High Court's redefining the term spouse to include Muslim married couples

  • Van Zijl v Hoogenhout:

    explained the effects of child sexual abuse and the tendency for children to blame themselves for the abuse

  • Kylie v Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration and Others:

    established that sex workers should not lose the protection under the constitution on the basis of being involved in illegal activity and that sex workers have the right to be treated with dignity as everyone else.


We work to protect your right to reproductive health care and to make choices concerning your reproductive health. We also take cases related to access to health care, and the intersection between HIV/AIDS and our other focus areas.

Fair Access to Resources

Upon the dissolution of a partnership, whether by death or separation, we work to ensure women receive a fair share of the assets. This involves ensuring that all partnerships are legally recognized, irrespective of religion or custom.

Fair Access to Employment

We work to extend employment protections to vulnerable groups. We also develop the law on sexual harassment in relation to farm and domestic workers and ensure equal opportunities in the workplace.

Land and Housing

We take up cases defending women’s property rights such as the right to housing, preventing the loss of tenure after dissolution of partnerships, and inheriting property.

Violence against women

We work to give women and girls State protection against violence, including domestic violence, sexual harassment and sexual violence. We also will take up cases which result in increased protection for girls from abuse in schools.